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New Story: Serena: For Want of a Degree . . .

image of blackberry smart phoneAfter 22 years as a successful contract manager, often working 24/7, Serena has had plenty of interviews but no job offers since losing her position 10 months ago. Although she has a supportive, employed husband, health insurance, and other resources, it’s the “no job offers” that she struggles with the most. “What I find most challenging is that I’m not even given the opportunity to fight for a job.” As with previous stories, you can always get there from the More Stories tab up top, or in the Pages section on the right.


Time Magazine’s Recession Stories

Emily McMillan, unemployed worker

Emily McMillan / Photo by Zach Wolfe for Time

Time Magazine has a special report online called Out of Work in America, which profiles 16 jobless workers and how they’re coping with the prospect of long-term unemployment. Emily McMillan (left) has been out of work since August 2010 and is now pregnant. Luckily, her husband still has a good job, but his income alone is not enough to invest in a new house. (Note: The special report is undated, but clues indicate it was published in fall 2010.)

In a separate story, published May 23, Time reports on a growing trend of discrimination against the unemployed, quoting a Sony Eriksson online job posting that said, “No unemployed candidates will be considered at all.” The U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission is investigating this trend, and few employers have been so blatant, but so far, the practice is not illegal.

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