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Sarah: Temp to Perm? Will her normally sure-fire path to a permanent job work this time around?

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Serena: For Want of a Degree . . . : She’s spent 22 years as a successful contract manager, available 24/7, yet it’s as if none of that experience counts.

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Louis G.: All the Right Moves  After losing his job in April, Louis G. is doing everything right – and landed a new job two months later.

Cozy-Home by Laura Stearns Johnson

Bianca L: “What’s a Fiftysomething to Do?” After 20 years of freelancing, Bianca knew how to land on her feet when times got tough. This time around, there’s no safe place to land.

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Margi Brownfield Swett: “Employees Are Our Partners” When the economy crashed in early 2009, Margi and husband Steve didn’t lay off employees. They did quite the opposite.

Coming soon: more stories of others who are also “struggling through the recession.” Meanwhile, download Sen. Bernie Sanders’s booklet of the same name.

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Click to download Sen. Bernie Sanders collection of recession stories.


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