The struggles people went through in the 1930s Great Depression were nicknamed Hard Times. As we are painfully aware, the current depression/recession could easily be called the same. So, I’ve named this blog New Hard Times.

There are lots of recession blogs out there, but most are focused on maintaining a yuppie lifestyle on a layoff budget.

New Hard Times focuses not on lifestyle but on nurturing a community spirit, because that’s the way people got through the last Hard Times, and it’s only way we’re going to get through the New Hard Times.

We can’t get through this by sniping at or scapegoating one another. We can’t get through this by isolating ourselves or others. We can’t get through this by hiding or covering up our financial state, and we can’t get through this by shunning or ostrasizing friends and colleagues who are “falling down.” Most importantly, we can’t get through this by ignoring or dismissing the poor -for you might be next.

New Hard Times will document the Great Recession by telling the stories of those hit hard by the failing economy, and providing them with resources and analysis.

It will also share Trusted Voices – leaders and representatives who are paying attention to the plight of Main Street, who take a public stand for We the People over corporations, and who emphasize community and avoid divisiveness and scapegoating. What matters is not their political affiliation but their integrity; that is, their message has been consistent, no matter which party controls the White House or Congress.

About the Blogger

Pat Soberanis is a professional writer and editor based in Northern California. She is working on a book about the Great Recession. She can be reached at almostlinda [at] gmail.com.

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