New Poll Reveals What We All Agree On

With so much rancor and divisiveness coming out of Washington over the budget, the deficit, the debt, health care – pretty much everything – the latest New York Times/CBS News poll reveals, once again, that We the People are in surprising agreement, or near agreement, on many of these very issues – Republican, Democrat, and Independent. Surprising, because there is no talk of agreement on any of these issues in Washington; only polarized disagreement – which means we are not being properly represented by our representative government.

Not so surprisingly, in general we do not have much faith in the way the Obama administration or the Republican leadership is handling the economy or the budget deficit – and that the nation is “off on the wrong track.”

Here are the issues we agree on – that is, all three groups polled at greater than 50 percent:

  • Providing health care coverage for the elderly is the responsibility of the federal government.
  • To reduce the deficit, we approve raising taxes starting in 2013 for households earning $250,000 a year or more.
These are good starting points. Let’s get on with it.

New York Times/CBS News Poll

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