Newsweek/Daily Beast Article on Older Jobless: Only White Men? Really?

Sorry, can’t help editorializing on this one. Because this week – in a cover story, no less – Newsweek and sister online publication Daily Beast featured a story on the older unemployed white male worker. While it’s great that this issue is finally on the media radar, the focus solely on white men is deeply disappointing. In fact, the way the whole article is packaged, with references to “manhood” and “the Mancession” in the subhead, I thought I was looking at Esquire or Details, not a venerable newsweekly. (That dude in the photo, I can assure you, is in his 30s at most, with hair sprayed gray. That’s how “manly-man” the story’s packaging is.) A low point for Newsweek, but I supposed we should be thankful for small favors.

Image of man in business suit carrying briefcase

Middle aged? Really?


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