Recession Stories

Just stumbled across two interesting places online. One is Sen. Bernie Sanders’s Facebook Discussion topic, ‘Struggling Through the Recession: Letters from Vermont.’ where people from all over the country are posting their recession stories. Many tell of being uninsured when health or medical issues cropped up, wiping out their savings and leaving them in deep debt.

From there I found a clue about Unemployed Friends Forum, a place of refuge and support. The Huffington Post wrote about the forum a year ago, after it grew like wildfire (the URL has changed since then; use this one instead). There are some excellent links on its blogroll to check out. What’s amazing is the civility with which people discuss even hot political issues.

In both places, there seems to be a higher proportion of people over 50 than is in the population – and these are desperate people, unemployed not for months but for years. In case you needed proof that you are not alone.

These stories are hard to read, but important to read. As Sen. Sanders says, “We cannot turn away from what’s going on.” For these people, it’s not a Great Recession, it’s a Great Depression.

One bright spot: A local Fox News station did a story on Sen. Sanders’s booklet of the same name, ‘Struggling Through the Recession: Letters from Vermont,’ highlighting one woman’s story.

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