Online Applications: Data Entry on Your Dime

internet image

I know, I know, the job hunt has never been fun, and online applications are at least free – no printouts, stamps, or envelopes. But are they ever a pain in the…neck.

Think about it. When you mail or email your resume and cover letter, you only have to write those documents once. Oh, yeah, I know, once you register and set up your profile for a company’s jobs site, applying for jobs there is almost as easy as email. Almost.

Except then you find a job posting for yet another new company, with yet another new registration and profile process. And you realize that you spend at least an hour each and every time you register and set up a profile for a new company. And that each company’s application process is different – the info they want is different, the steps are different, the protocols are different – so you can’t do it by rote; you have to pay attention. And you can’t copy and paste very much either, like you can a Word doc or an email, because online applications are really data entry, for the database behind the scenes.

So, basically, you’re doing each company’s data entry for them. On your dime. And you have lots of dimes to spare, don’t you? (Buddy, can you spare a…? That’s Depression talk, for those to young to know.)

And so, after more than two hours on the job search today, I had exactly three job applications to show for it.

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