One-Stop Career Centers: A Wealth of Resources

Today I stopped at the One-Stop Career Center. These centers are nationwide – you can search for a One-Stop Career Center near you – and seem to provide a multitude of services, from job searches and resume help, including computer use, to business assistance like the SCORE workshops. They are helpful resources for the job search, worth seeking out.

CareerOneStop logo

But as I looked at the dozens of flyers near the entrance, I realized that many of these career centers have similar offerings, so I looked a little closer. I found a wealth of free and low-cost resources for all kinds of services including comprehensive lists for the following:

  • Food banks
  • Low-income and senior housing
  • Adult school
  • Thrift shops
  • Online job boards
  • Emergency shelter
  • Free after-school program
  • Free Community Bus for rides to doctor’s appointments, etc.
  • Consumer Information Catalog from the Federal Citizen Information Center, which offers informational brochures on all kinds of things – job searches, food safety, car buying, federal programs, you name it – most of which are free or very low cost, and most of which can be found online as well

There was even a flyer for a truck-driving school for the price of licensing fees totaling $227 – the usual cost is ten times that much – though I still have to check that one out.

It seems that each One-Stop Career Center is run by a local nonprofit, partnering with the federal government and local government and nonprofit agencies, so this center might have more resources than most. But the centers – and any other community services facility such as libraries – are worth checking out to see if they have a wealth of resources too.

image of money

Speaking of libraries, an online search for “hard times” – as in New Hard Times – turned up the State of Washington Library’s Hard Times Resources page for people out of work. Lots of info here too, much of it online, for Washington citizens and anyone else in the United States.

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