Writing with More Grace than Pain

The writer Roger Rosenblatt was interviewed on PBS NewsHour tonight about his new book, Unless It Moves the Human Heart,” about teaching writing, and it reminded me of another NewHour interview of him, some time ago, about someone in his family dying and him suddenly stepping in to raise the children.

A search turned up the interview. It was his daughter Amy who died, suddenly, at age 38, of heart failure, leaving a husband and three young children ages 2 through 6. It was Roger and his wife who moved in with their son-in-law to raise their three grandchildren while the father worked. A life-changing event. The book is Making Toast. I wanted to read the book then; I want to read it now.

I will have to remember this advice as I embark on my new writing project, a book about being stuck on “the bridge” between a full career and retirement, too young for Social Security, too old to be accepted in the job market or a new career.

Write with more grace than pain – and your readers will stay with you, and feel what you feel.


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